An important consideration regarding square footage realities –

Please note that when looking at the size of our floorplans, we quote the finished square footage on the main level.  Our competition typically does not.  They include the entire square footage of the basement as well as the square footage of the main level.  This makes it difficult to determine just how large the main floor really is, which is the most important living area square footage in the home.

By including basement finish square footage in with the main level finished square footage, it gives the appearance of a much lower cost per square foot to build.  It’s because of this reality that we felt it more than casually important to mention, since finished basement square footage typically runs in the vicinity of $40 +/- per square foot, while main level finished square footage typically runs $180 – 230 per finished square foot.  As you can see, main level finished square footage is significantly more expensive than basement finished square footage.  Based on the aforementioned facts, please remember to determine how much finished square footage is on the main level.

Additional Note:

Our home packages are usually semi-custom in nature.  Finished basement square footage cost realty can be significantly more than the $40.00 mentioned above, in a high end custom environment, considering that numerous upper-end finishes will be utilized.